The NFL Network has found a new way to celebrate players of the game during their post-game coverage. The segment which includes an interview with a top performer, is followed by a surprise gift from the broadcast crew. It seems to be equally loved and hated. I’m quickly becoming a fan of the segment, which featured Cam Newton after the Panthers 31-13 victory over the Buccaneers. Cam looked as happy as I’ve ever seen him. Truly like a kid on Christmas morning. This was my favorite moment of the segment.


This Guy Can Not Believe What He Just Saw

After scoring a touchdown on a 3 yard reception by Mike Tolbert from Cam Newton. Superman decided to reward a super-fan. After letting Mike Tolbert celebrate, he grabs the ball and hands it to a Panthers fan in the stands, who happens to be wearing a Panthers gear head-to-toe, including a Cam Newton jersey. All this guy could say was wow…


RB Venric Mark is averaging 4.2 yards a carry against the Ohio State Buckeyes as his Northwestern Wildcats near the 4th quarter with a lead. The Cats will need strong runs like this one to finish off the upset.